Spotlight 4K IP Security Camera Kit with 60ft network cable – SPOT828A


4K Spotlight IP Security Camera Kit includes:

  • Spot828A (8MP IP camera)
  • Set of screws
  • L shape Hex key
  • Waterproof lid
  • Drill template
  • IP camera quick setup guide
  • 60ft network camera cable

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Camius 4K Spotlight IP camera kit comes with a long 60 feet ethernet cord, ready for installing.

  • Amazing clarity 4K 8MP Ultra HD video
  • A wide-angle 2.8mm lens provides a 100-degree view
  • Being an IP66 rated surveillance camera, its’ widely used for indoor and outdoor installations
  • The IP camera works with 3rd party Onvif compatible devices. Some features may be limited in use with other manufacturers’ devices. We recommend installing Spot828A with Camius network video recorders for full features support

Deterrent Capabilities

  • When the 4K outdoor camera detects intrusion, it triggers a loud siren, the bright security spotlights turn on.
  • The siren’s sound and duration adjusted easily from the camera’s settings.
  • The lights configured as a warning light or a strobe. Their duration and strength easily adjusted as well.

Night Vision

  • Using revolutionary starlight technology, the color night vision camera captures color footage in low light conditions
  • Spot828A 4K Spotlight camera produces crisp clear black & white video in complete darkness and outstanding color night vision In a low light environment
  • The 8 Megapixels security camera captures images and video in color in low light conditions
  • The spotlight 4K camera is designed not only for indoor but outdoor security camera installation

PIR Motion Detection

  • Being a motion-activated camera, 4K Spotlight camera supports sending push notifications or email alerts, triggers recordings, etc.
  • Camius 4K IP security camera is equipped with a PIR sensor detecting thermal motion coming from people, animals, and even cars.
  • Motion detection triggers sending email alerts/smart push notification/recording
  • Bright security lights turn on movement. You get very bright outdoor security lights (over 200lux) with a camera.
  • A loud siren sound triggered by movement

Two Way Audio

  • The 2-way audio capability of the 4K PoE security camera is a great deterrent. It allows you to listen and talk back using the camera app (RXCamview).
  • High-quality built-in microphone & speaker volume adjustable
  • Audio enabled and disabled in-camera settings

Plug-n-play PoE installation

  • Thanks to power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology, Camius 4K Spotlight Camera wired using an ethernet cable delivering power, video, and audio in a single wire!
  • Installing the Spotlight Cam is Camius IPvault PoE NVR makes the whole security camera installation process hassle-free.  The NVR automatically assigns an IP address to any of Camius IP cameras

Video Analitycs

  • This smart 4K UHD IP camera with certain video analytics utilized when connected to Camius IPvault and TRivault4K network video recorders
  • Alerts and recording can be triggered with smart detection. It includes Face detection, Perimeter Intrusion, Line crossing, Stationary Object, Pedestrian, and Cross Counting detection in use with Camius IPvault network video recorder,
  • Trivault4K series hybrid XVR supports Perimeter Intrusion, Line Crossing, Stationary Object detection
  • Periodical reports are done in the form of a list, histogram, or chart
  • Camius Spotlight security cameras feature intelligent detection capabilities.

Remote Apps

  • You can view live your Spotlight security camera on your mobile device or computer.
  • You can access your security cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Connect it via a free mobile phone app (Camius View) or IP camera software.
  • As for recording & remote playback, we recommend adding your Spotlight IP Camera to a Camius 4K NVR

4K Spotlight IP Security Camera Kit includes:

  • Spot828A (8MP IP camera)
  • Set of screws
  • L shape Hex key
  • Waterproof lid
  • Drill template
  • IP camera quick setup guide
  • 60ft network camera cable

Download Spot828A 4K Ultra HD IP security camera’s specs sheet here

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