Camius Security & Surveillance Systems deliver a complete range of HD Multi-MegaPixel security camera variation and advanced high-speed NVR and DVR security recorders.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision was created to provide a trusted and reliable option to companies looking for high-end security systems while staying on budget. Technologies that take many years to reach prosumers is made available much sooner in Camius professional ranges thanks to a vision of research and agility.

Professional IP Security Camera Range

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Some cameras feature built-in SD card storage slot for on-board Some cameras feature built-in SD card storage for onboard recording. Users can access Camius systems from a Windows PC, Apple Mac, Mobile device. Camius stores images to an FTP and supports recording to a network video recorder. Each Camius IP surveillance camera supports multiple video stream, night vision, wide angle megapixel lens. Once of the greatest features is not only simple motion detection but intelligent video detection. The intelligent detection triggers recording, alerts with detailed periodical video analytics in the form of various reports.

Recording Solutions

Some cameras feature built-in SD card storage slot for on-board recording. However, all Camius IP cameras record not only to Camius NVRs but any other any Onvif compliant 3rd party network video recorder. To learn about our recording solutions visit Camius offers various security camera recorders supporting network and analog connections with processing speed reaching 320Mbps. Our NVR and DVR security recorder range work well not only with Camius cameras but various ONVIF compliant IP camera brands.

Remote Video Management & Monitoring

Camius Professional Central Management Software “Surveillance Client” is a complimentary software along with its mobile application. The CMS and App optimize features of Camius CCTV Products, designed for medium & large-scale applications. Applications allow multiple users access to the live & recorded videos remotely from anywhere in the world.




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Leading the way in HD Video Technology, superb build, responsive apps, functions on par with market leaders.

Camius top performing Network Video Recorders are power horses of management and recording.

An All-in-one kit complete with cameras, recorder, HDD, wires, accessories, a PRO package for the masses!